Industrial 101

Hello and welcome today to Industrial 101, a course where we teach prospective individuals how to become one with the industrial culture. Topics covered in this course include:

Trent Reznor: A Confession
Industrial Guide
Industrial Quiz
How to write industrial lyrics?
How to dress like a rivethead?
How to properly name your Industrial band?
How to have fun with acronyms
How to have the proper Rivethead attitude?
How to dance like a Rivethead?
How to date a non Rivethead?
How to fake being a Rivethead?
How to write Industrial Music?
How to justify your Rivetness?
How to become a successful Rivethead?
A Rivethead Girl's Guide
How to write an industrial form letter
How to Become the High School Rivethead
RIVETHEADS -- The Industrial Movie!
The religion of the rivethead?
National Geographic Explorer Presents: The Rivethead
I am so Industrial...
How to go shopping for Industrial Music
Industrial Suburbs
How to be a Rivethead in a Non-Rivethead Friendly Setting
Rivetheads vs. Other Musical Subcultures
20 Reasons Why Rivetheads Are Unpopular
Beyond Industrial Music
Industrialize Your Workplace

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