Industrial 101: Attitude

Now that you have the appropriate clothing, it's time for you to go out and scare humanity. The whole point to dressing as a traditional rivethead is to show that you are against the current pop culture/society and that you are a fierce individualist. The one thing that scares people more than one rivethead is a group of them.

A good way to get with a group of other fierce "I hate everyone" individualists is to go to a club. The kind of club that you want to go to should have some kind of name similar to the names of songs that you know and love. Names like Sludge factory, Doomed, Machinist Whorehouse, Steel Trap, Prosthetic Limb, and Black Vinyl-Clad Freak Emporium are good names to look for. Greek and Roman evil god names are good too.

One of the things to look for after you have settled on a name in the phonebook is the appearance of the club. It, like you, should be clad entirely in black. Cages are also good for that bondage fetish in all of us. A few posters strewn about the place depicting band names and great movies are a must as well. The bands to look for are obvious as the whole purpose to your excursion is to go out to see other people who are into industrial. The movie posters to look for are the ones mentioned in an earlier section. A small stage should be located in a corner someplace by the DJ's booth and it should be no more than one foot high. The reason for that particular stage height is so that the band can't feel more elitist than you. If they were up any higher, then they might get the impression that you are below them. That can't be allowed. As any fool can see, I is the first letter in industrial and this should be your driving force as you move through the throng of people.

People are the next variable we should look at. The people you want to see there should be dressed just like you as a statement of "fuck the world." They, like you, should be very disenchanted with society and vocal about it. The shaved head appearance is a good one to look for, as is the pierced/tattooed look. There is a bit of debate on the pierced/tattooed issue. There is one school of thought that says that piercing/tattooing is the ultimate way to piss on society. This is true in its own regard in that mainstream society looks down on those who are heavily pierced/tatooed. The other school of thought states that bodily "disfigurement" is too mainstream and just plain silly. It doesnt matter which you subscribe to, because no matter what view that is, everyone else is below you and what they think is wrong.

The last, and least important thing in this is what kind of music the club plays. As we all know, we claim to have industrial music as our mainstay of rational thought, and our battlecry against society. Everyone with a clue knows this to be nonsense. All that really matters is how cool we look, and how elitist we are. The music is just a way to piss everyone off because we know more obscure band names than they. It's also a good way to piss people off because all the really good stuff is extremely caustic and unlistenable.

Keep that in mind when you go out and you'll have a good time.

Dan McInnis

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