How to write Industrial Music

This is a guide for a of rivethead on how to make industrial music using the least resources possible. You dont need to buy those expensive synths, samplers, and keyboards to make good quality industrial music. Keep the stolen cash in your wallet. You will only need a computer. The following will guide you through the process step-by-step.

  1. Download this: Software (and also other stuff from the software section of will come in handy in the future years of you industrial career ).

  2. Install what you have just downloaded.

  3. From this step on you wouldnt know what the fuck im talking about unless you have done the previous steps* go to the songs folder in the folder where you installed the program. Open tutorial.bmx. It should guide you through the basic steps of using program.

  4. Download a bunch of machines from and install them in the gear/generators folder inside the folder where you installed the program. The following machines are essenchial in making industrial : PSI corps Drum n Ass ; Argulles kSynth

  5. Now attach the psi drum to the master and create a beat for it like this (the letters correspond to the sample numbers of the drum) (this just gives you the basic idea, you can fool around with it once you get the hang of things) Put the loop on the tracker matrix. Distort it using Jeskola Distortion from the effects list. Remember, distortion is what gets you fame.

  6. Attach a bunch of other machines like kSynth and Jeskola Bass. Make loops for those and put them on the traker matrix. DISTORT!

  7. Download some samples and load them onto the wavetable. Attach the Jeskola Tracker machine and make loops with samples. The more evil the samples sound, the better. Anything involving meaningless violence will do. Put the samples on the tracker matrix. DISTORT THE SAMPLES TOO! it will make them sound more eeeEEvil.

  8. Fool around with the tracker matrix, put the loops in different order, create as much loops with the machines as you need to make the music not sound the same throughout the whole song.

  9. Listen to your creation. Like it? TIME TO RECORD! go to file - capture. choose a filename for your creation and press record. make sure to press the stop button when it finishes. Now you have it in wav format.

  10. As you may have noticed, the wav file takes up too much fuckin space on your harddrive. Thats why youre gona have to convert it to mp3 format. Once again, you can find mp3 encoders at
Converted? Youre done! Now you can share you music over napster or go to artist signup at, sign up and share your mp3s there. Remember to choose and industrial band name though! Good luck, fellow rivethead.

Written by: Rest on Anarchy

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