Industrial Suburbs

Have you ever wondered where people in industrial bands live? On Industrial Estates, of course!

In Spike Street, Illinois, a leafy suburban row of houses enshroud their odd inhabitants.

On Monday mornings, Trent Reznor (short whiney inhabitant of number 8) peers out of the windows and carefully jots down on a notepad the precise attire worn by next-door neighbor Ogre. Once complete, Trent rushes to his copy of the Rivet-ing Catalogue and selects relevant clothing from his list. "Lessseee, big cardigan, combat boots, baggy shorts." Trent is happy - they'll be delivered by tomorrow.

Tuesdays are also painfully routine - Al Jourgensen taking pot shots at Trent's dog for digging up Al's geraniums, while Marilyn Manson puts a kettle on after a hard day at work (he has a part-time job as a scarecrow). En Esch from KMFDM has a fright when he opens his garage door to find Genesis P Orridge - head wedged between a Black and Dekker Workmate - trying to trepanne himself with a powerdrill.

Wednesday is bridge night - Chris Vrenna is strapped across the road and the others take it in turns to walk over him. Al loves this game, and always makes sure he is wearing his biggest boots.

Thursdays, Martin Atkins holds a coffee morning, and Trent tries to play with the cat while Al tries to eat it. A row breaks out when Ogre spots Trent wearing his clothes, and Trent has to go home and change.

Friday is Halloween.

Every day is Halloween.

Written by: Joanna Theobald

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