Industrial Quiz

Determining if you are in fact a Rivet Head there are a few steps in determining if you are a Rivet Head use this checklist as a guide get out a piece of paper. because I know you all love quizes or would if you were programmed to like things. Tally up your score and see the results at the bottom.


  1. Your hair is - spiked. coloured violently. extensions. shaved. or plain black (if your lazy and unimaginative)
  2. Your face has minimal makup. but enough to look good, not overdone so you look pastey
  3. You are running out of body parts to impale with steel (I'm talking about piercings people!)
  4. Your neck is clad with chains and/or a spiked collar clothes-i really think this is covered in alot of other sections but you favour trench coats, PVC, army recycles, big boots, fish-net stockings, your :wumpscut: t-shirt and of course anything black, within reason.
  5. You are so creative that your entire neighbourhood recognises you and you have a local 'name' as such.
  6. Your nails are black, whether bruised or not, but the polish is scratched because you can't be bothered to fix it and it looks to neat freshly painted.

    Your Attitude/Personality

  7. You think you are scarey.
  8. You KNOW you are scarey (this is the right one kiddies)
  9. You know you are Uber, but you do not admit it
  10. You are an elitist (along with all the other rivitheads out there)
  11. You don't give a fuck what anyone else thinks
  12. You have an almost constant form of the shits. and no its NOT angst, no matter what anyone says, angst is for goths, you just have the shits.
  13. You don't have manners, You don't need them to get what you want because your scarey.
  14. You Question everyone else to prove your superiority, and when questioned yourself, you don't answer, because this also proves your superiority
  15. You are constantly refered to as "weird" "evil" or a "freak", but are so used to this your almost inclined to say thankyou, but due to your lack of manners a grunt will do nicely as a reply.
  16. Skinny Puppy ARE a good band
  17. There is no God. Other than You, oh and Trent of course
  18. You dance, and you love it, and NOONE is going to get in the way of your dancing
  19. You speak German
  20. You speak German but don't know what your saying, but it sounds kool

    The music you listen to

  21. Half of your cd collection consists of imports that "normal' folk would never have heard of
  22. You own more than the 3 Lps released by NIN. in fact your NIN collection exceeds well over 1000 items
  23. You can hear household appliances faintly when you play your music and run around the house looking for the source.
  24. If its German its industrial
  25. You have CD's where you can't understand what is being said/sung/shouted, Being in German counts.
  26. You have some connection to Pigface.

    27- 31 are related. choose the most correct and score as follows

  27. You like beaty evil music with undecipherable lyrics
  28. You like guitary evil music with undecipherable lyrics
  29. You like beaty evil music with english lyrics about machines. technology or just being damn elite
  30. You like guitary evil music with english lyrics about machines. technology or just being damn elite
  31. You like all of these musics.
  32. You Like Manson (How did that get in there *giggle*)


  33. You own a pair of those damn goggle glasses


  1. 3 points. only 1 point for shaved or plain black though
  2. 3, 2 if you overdo it for some occations
  3. 3, 2 For 1 0r mor facial piercings, none for only ears pierced
  4. 3 points
  5. 5 points
  6. 2 points 7 and 8 relate to each other
  7. 1 point for yes
  8. 3 points for yes
  9. 3 points
  10. 3 points yes, 1 point no
  11. 3 points. 1 point no
  12. 3 points for the shits. only 1 if you call it angst
  13. 3 points
  14. 3 points
  15. 3 points, 1 point if your offended
  16. 3 points
  17. 2 points
  18. 3 points
  19. 3 points
  20. 4 points
  21. 3 points, 2 points for a few, no points for no imports
  22. 3 points for more then 3 LPs, 2 points for an execess. remeber kiddies, don't overdo the good things in life
  23. 3 points, I knew I wasnt the only one
  24. 0 points. Rammstein???
  25. 3 points, I point for only having mp3s
  26. 3 points
  27. 2 points
  28. 2 points
  29. 2 points
  30. 2 points
  31. 4 points
  32. take of 5 points, this does not make you unindustrial, it just sways your roots somewhat.
  33. 5 points! You UBER thing

How You scored

0 - 12 Well I don't want to be the on to say it, but you haven't even followed the 'How to be a Rivet Head Overnight' course properly. I can only suggest that you try another subculture, or possibly death. But before this do us a favour and throw out your Manson albums and buy a good :wumpscut: T-shirt.

13-20, Keep trying, your most likely a newbie or a little to influenced by what other people think. Persistance is the way to the top.

20-49 You are well on your way, you know the ropes and the tricks of the trade, you just have mastered them well enough to be Uber.

50-81 good job! thats the way boys and girls. we are happy little Rivet heads arent we. *ultimate catergory* not to up yourself, but not too much of a pushover.

82 well the chances of getting 82 are very slim, but admitting to this score means you are in fact Uber, OR you're shitting and you didn't get that score, but by challenging the highest possible score you are infact challenging Uberority. thus you have your roots sorted out and you know what your on about, but lets be honest and take the test again shall we?


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