Industrial 101: Acronyms

This section goes hand in hand with writing industrial lyrics. The best method is to take an obscene, abusive, or dark word and applying a word for each letter. Remember, however, these applied words need to have some dark and/or technological aspect to them to be considered an industrial acronym. For example, a self-proclaimed industrial superstar used the word MURDER to come up with the following: Mutilated Under Rusted Decayed Evil Religion. These applied words can make sense when used together, but it is not necessary; as long as you imply the correct "I hate society" attitude in the meaning of the acronym, your fans will worship you and praise you for your genius. These acronyms can now be used as titles of songs, and people will offer to be your slaves for life.

However, if you want to really hit it big time, these acronyms are especially effective when used as band names. This method gives you the added benefit of being able to change the meaning of your acronym every week for added effect and influence. Yes, we all know the band who has come to the point of misusing this once-secretive method ("Really, KMFDM means nothing" - quote from Sascha -- and we are supposed to believe this - HA! What the band fails to ever mention is the original meaning - Kind Men Feeding Dainty Mice -- just imagine how far their sales would drop if their fans ever found this out!!) Kevin Congdon

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