Industrial 101: Lyrics

This section of the course is focused on how to write proper industrial lyrics. The do's and do not's that will allow you to get ahead in the rough and tumble record business where selling 30,000 records is considered a miracle to some and impossible to others.

When you first sit down to compose your lyrics you need to be in the correct mindset. I suggest watching one of the various Industrial films that are the eiptome of our genre. Suggestions include:

These films along with other various Industrial videos should put you in the proper mood to sit down and write your lyrics. Remember to use words commonly found in the medical, chemical, and manufacturing fields when composing your poetry. For example:

Correct: Caustic Rivelets

Incorrect: Dew Drops

Correct: Hard Radiation

Incorrect: Sunshine

Correct: Metal Fatigue

Incorrect: Stress

By avoiding such happy words that exist in popular love ballads you add an extra edge to your music that your listeners will adore you for. Also remember to never ever have a point behidn your lyrics. If you have some deep underlying meaning behind your composition your listeners will never purchase your records, and your band will surely become defunct as rapidly as our government becomes bankrupt.


  1. Espresso-Bean
  2. Frank Sucks! (parody)
  3. Mechanical Brain-Dump (neon quarters)
  4. I Love Industrial! (parody)
  5. Be Industrial (parody)
  6. Angst!

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