Industrialize Your Workplace

Well my brethren in machinery, we all need money to buy those rare, out of print CD's, and combat boots, and in order to get money, we need to jobs. Unfortunatly, some of us are not fortunate enough to have aquired jobs that allow us to express our being damn elite. So I have accessed my neural processor, and have calculated a few ideas that I personally use in the workplace to show all those bastards just how industrial I am!

  1. Tuck your boots into your pants, or roll your pant legs up to expose the majority of your boots. This will give you that post-apocolyptic, storm trooper quality.
  2. Wear a belt with a lot of metal on it. All of the usual chains work very well, and look menacing.
  3. If your workplace allows it, wear nail polish, but make sure it isn't neatly applied! For the love of Ogre do you want to look like a faggoty goth?!?!
  4. Quit your job. Make a statement! Who want to work for a corporation that doesn't support being ELITE?
  5. Wear sharp stuff. Basically no one should walk up to you unless they've had their tetnus shot updated within that 24 hour period.
  6. Name tags. Right something scary on your name tag or ID badge. Don't right your name! Right something like "BIO-WEAPONS DIVISION" and put that oh-so badass :wumpscut: :\\//\\//: next to it. Not only will you be scary, you'll also show your appreciation for one of the most elite bands out there, AND the :\\//\\//: is what the evil company from the ALIEN movies used as their logo!
So, as you see, you CAN be industrial at the workplace, even if they do make you wear a dorky polo and tuck it in. SHOW THEM YOU ARE ELITE!

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