How to be a Rivethead in a Non Friendly setting

Part 1-High School

Actually, there is no Rivethead unfriendly setting. Any place that seems culturally stable and has only a handful of Marilyn Manson worshipers to its name is ripe to be shattered by a fierce individualist such as yourself. In this portion of the course we will discuss how to safely and effectively scare an entire population of those "normal folks."

Let's take school, for example. High school is the best place to launch a full-force Rivethead campaign. People scare easily, and those who aren't scared will worship you and your deviant ways NOTE: Once this number of people increases beyond two, you better move on. The more people there are like you, the more likely on of them will try to overthrow you.

The first day you enter such a setting, come on full force. (Consult the "How to Dress Industrial" portion of the course for specifics.) Stride into class with a t-shirt of the most unheard-of band you can think of, preferably one with blatant obscenity all over it (good examples are the "I DON'T FUCKING CARE" Acumen Nation shirt or the EAT SHIT YOU FUCKING REDNECK" Pigface shirt.) If you are accosted by a school authority, threaten them, either with bodily harm or legal action for infringing on your rights. (Legal threats are less likely to get you detention and school counseling time, but remember that those are fun, too.) Remember, the dress code was made to be devoured, and it is your God given right to tell people to fuck off. Oh, make sure to wear sunglasses constantly. Tell people the light hurts your eyes, even if it's the cloudiest day on record. Respond to any vampire jokes with a hiss or offer to drink their blood. If this doesn't work, pursue the Justification method #3 given else where in the course.

Remember to present the appearance of not learning anything. If you actually want to learn something, develop alternative study methods, like paying attention with your eyes closed. If you have the sunglasses, turn your head away from the board, and watch out the corner of your eye. Or you can draw seemingly meaningless, violent images in your notebooks, which, known only to you, contain better study material than anyone else's notes. If this doesn't work, tape record the class. Too much work? Hey, you thought alienating yourself from your peers would be easy?

Part 2-College

Actually, if you commute, college will be no different than High school. However, for the resident student, there are lots of other was to make people fear you as God.

The best thing to do is to pick a spot of some artistic value, i.e. a statue, fountain, or other piece of art. Pick a late hour and visit it regularly every night. Fountains work well because they are usually turned off at night, and people will wonder why the hell you're staring at a dead fountain. Make sure to stare intently, as though you can communicate with your chosen fixation. If asked, make a claim to this effect.

Another good thing to do is to climb to the top of a building and stare out over the school's population, like some kind of superhero, or professional wrestler. NOTE: If your school has a high percentage of shootings, you may want to invest in body armor, or scrap the idea. People get offensive to us "freaks" making them feel low. Of course, getting shot IS the ultimate way to know that your quest has succeeded.

So now you how to establish yourself in a non-Industrial setting. If the above method fails to yield response, then you can always revert to beating the living hell out of anyone who says "Hey Freak!!! What does KMFDM mean?! (HOSE

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