Beyond Industrial Music

So, you say, "I've listened to every last rare Skinny Puppy LP bootleg and own every single Neubauten and Gristle import cds" (and have other such stories), now what? Well, the answer might not be as blatant as one would like - there is no 'Industrial' genre other than in music, but there are many other forms of entertainment that have a decidedly industrial edge to them (a few were mentioned earlier in 'How to write industrial lyrics'). So listen up and take notes kiddies - and you'll be on your way to true rivethead elitism (if such a thing actually exists; FNORD.)

Movies Ranked In 3 Sets - Not so Industrial, Industrial, and UBER-Industrial (with explanations - whee!)

Not So industrial (But get'em if you're desperate)

- Johnny Mnemonic (stupid movie, but it had nice sets)

- Hellraiser (any installment - pinface is an inspiration to new rivethead piercing styles)

- Edward Scissorhands (Kinda a crappy plot and aimed for kids, but the main character is fetishy and has metal shears for hands; that's at least worth mention)

- Inspector Gadget (Actually, this was put in more as a conceptual object rather than a recommendation. The main character is a machine/man. It was disney though; don't waste your time)

Industrial (Good industrial movies, but not amazing)

- The Matrix (ok, this is a debatable one, but I put in in the alright column because of the future-scene sets if nothing else.)

- Akira (Japanese Anime. It's actually an amazing movie, but not industrial enough to fall into the last catagory. Rent it regardless.)

- Ghost In the Shell (ditto)

- Altered States (A weird scientific drug experiment/hallucination related movie. Twisted imagery and bizzare sound effects. Check it out)

- Skinny Puppy's Worlock Music Video (if you can get your hands on a copy of it, do so - it's legally repressed, and thus, quite a treasure. It is composed entirely of gore scenes taken from horror movies; the industrialalization comes from the music itself, rather than the video (not to say that the video isn't cool))

UBER-Industrial (Must-sees for any budding Rivethead [sidenote: most of them don't have happy endings])

- Brazil (British movie - both a hilariously amusing satire and a disturbing thinker. Great acting, wonderful decco style sets (mixed in with wires, tubes, pistons, etc), disturbing premise, etc. It's a true classic, and a hard viewing. It's got it all).

- Tetuso: Iron Man + Tetsuo 2: Body Hammer (Tetsuo 1: A japanese cult film done in black and white about a guy who starts grotesquely sprouting sheet metal and power tools. A very difficult viewing - extremely frenetic/berzerk. Tetsuo 2: Sheds tetsuo 1's insane harshness for a more lushious picture [with color!!]. Better special effects, a bit slower, same general plot as the first. Plus, it is probably the only movie in existance with an industrial noise soundtrack!)

- 12 Monkeys (Written and Directed by Terry Gilliam [the guy who did brazil] a right 'ard movie dealing with time travel, insanity, and demented sets. It's good.)

- A Clockwork Orange (An old classic film based on the Stanley Kubrick novel holding claim to the same name. While the asthetic of the movie is more 20's-60's than industrial, it definately holds all the malevolence and thought-provoking harshness which makes industrial movies so potent.)

- Blade Runner (A classic with Harrison Ford that everybody already knows everything about. Need I say more?)

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