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Sonic-Boom: June 1996


I'm Just a Hard Working Corporate Slave by Jester


Dead Voices on Air3/26/96
Dead Voices on Air5/2/96
Hate Dept.3/19/96
Ipecac Loop4/2/96

Music Reviews:

A Different Kind of cop.dmo
AdversaryThe Winter's Harvest
CollideBeneath The Skin
Coptic RainEleven Eleven
Cult of JesterDemo 2
Death Ride 69Screaming Down The Gravity Well
Dementia SimplexPrediction
Dismembered QuietlyExquisite Tenderness
Ether BunnyPapa Woody
The Fair SexLabryinth
FractureProper Burial
Hanzel Und GretylAusgeflippt
Hate Dept.Mainline
ItEra Vulgaris
Kevorkian Death CycleCollection For Injection
Kill Switch... KlickOddities and Versions
Maintenance of OrderDemo
MonomorphSubject To Electronic Control
NeotekBrain Over Muscle
Neutron CafeDemo
Project PitchforkAlpha Omega
Pygmy ChildrenDeconstruct
Severed HeadsGigapus
Syntax ErrorSyntax Error
Terminal SectGun Worship
T.H.D.Outside In
Various ArtistsThe Contest
Various ArtistsDocument 01
Various ArtistsElectronic Youth Vol. 3
Various ArtistsGuru Means Slayer of Darkness
Various ArtistsHellscape 2
Various ArtistsMelt
Various ArtistsGary Numan Tribute
Various ArtistsOuter Space Communications
Various ArtistsZauber of Music II

Literary Reviews:

2600:The Hacker QuarterlyIssue 52
CrewzineIssue 8
Dark AngelIssue 19
Music From The Empty QuarterIssue 12
M.K. UltraIssue 6
NecropolisIssue 1

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