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Terminal Sect: The Gun Worship EP

  1. Gun Worship (Stuffed Chelsea Mix - En Esch)
  2. Gun Worship (Sodomize Fat Mix - Chris Moriarty)
  3. Rhythm of Decay
  4. Metal Idol Born
  5. Gun Worship (Surprisingly Festive Mix - Coin of the Realm)
  6. Hanging Tree (Hanging Loop - En Esch)
  7. Division
  8. Where Angels Fall

This 78 minute EP contains 4 remixes of Gun Worship, with mixes by En Esch, Chris Moriarty, Coin of the Realm & John Bergin, a remix of 'Hanging Tree' and three non-released tracks. The remix by Chris Moriarty starts of with some mutated electronic effect and soon turns into a monster with a mix of heavy guitar and relentless, pounding percussive effects. The song 'Rhythm of Decay' contains some programming in the background that sounds like across between techno and FLA. It also includes some tight, beat-oriented percussive programming which comes across as being more in the background for most of the song, which allows the listener to concentrate on the other elements of the song. 'Metal Iron Born', remixed by John Bergin of Trust Obey, is a 20 minute remix of Gun Worship as well that delves into such sounds as atmospheric soundscape stylings to heavy percussive tribal elements; this song comes across as three different movements, with each movement showcasing a different style to the song. The song 'Hanging Tree' includes some computerized, funky bass sounds reminiscent of KMFDM with the vocals coming across as a man in the throes of demonic possession, with an unusual rhythm made up of a combination of buzzing, insect-sounding synths and tinny, cymbal sounds. The song 'Where Angels Fall' is another long one at 14 minutes, but comes across more as a complete song than 'Metal Iron Born'. It is the most mellow song on the release with some pop sensibilities along with some orchestra stylings and wind chime-sounding synth notes; however, the ending seems to draw on a bit too long. The way the vocals are treated on many of the songs are very reminiscent of Chem Lab, especially on the Stuffed Chelsea mix of 'Gun Worship' and 'Where Angels Fall'. (Kevin Congdon)

Terminal Sect are:
Howard Wulkan - programming, guitars, rhythmic manipulations, sampling
Colin Schwan - vox, lyrics, programming, sampling

None of the Above
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Farmingville, NY 11738


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