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Various Artists: Ghost of A White Face Clown (Gary Numan tribute)

  1. Offworld - Down in the Park
  2. Silence- Bleed
  3. Kill Switch...Klick - Are Friends Electric?
  4. Einer Ask & the Same - Praying to the Aliens
  5. Jon the Beloved - Warriors
  6. Nocturnal - Listen to the Sirens
  7. Henry's Life in Hell - Change Your Mind
  8. Schweigen Projekt - This is New Love
  9. Bytet - Cars
  10. Faith & Disease - Down in the Park

This release presents are variety of electro and not-so-electro styles in paying tribute to Gary Numan, one of the best electronic artists at creating alien visions and depression in music. Quite a few of the covers are infected with plenty of guitar and some cool funky bass throughout. The covers by Kill Switch...Klick and Einer Ask come the closest in giving off that sad emotional impression that Mr. Numan was so great at delivering, in large part due to the strong vocals on both songs. Covers by Silence, Schweigen Projekt and Bytet present that 80's new-wavish feeling; the first two with their sweet female vocals in the chorus and Bytet with its Devo/Wall of Voodoo sound, making the song sound like a parody of itself. The cover by Jon the Beloved gave me the impression this was a cover of a Bryan Ferry song instead of a Gary Numan song with its mellow vocals, acoustic guitar and sweet keyboard sounds. (Kevin Congdon)


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