Cult of Jester: Demo 2

Side 1:

  1. Sock Monkey
  2. Master V1
  3. Gana

Side 2:

  1. Master V2
  2. Posies
  3. Master V3

Ed Finkler seems to have simultaneously been responsible for the dual evolution and regression of his musical expertise with this new Cult of Jester demo. The demo starts out with a highly amusing and yet annoyingly simplistic 'Sock Monkey' with hilariously inane lyrics which poke fun at the entire industrial genre. The best example being, "You are nothing when you burn in the sin of a terrible lie!". Following immediately afterwards is one of three total rewrite efforts of 'Master', which appeared on the original Cult of Jester demo. Each version is distinctly different than the predecessor going as far as to utilize guitar for the first time in any of Ed's music. Next is 'Gana', which is perhaps the best track Ed has ever written. It begins with a obscure sample loop appropriated from a Future Music CD and incorporates the some of the finest lyrics Ed has ever dredged from the depths of his sick little mind. Lastly is 'Posies', which is an abruptly short instrumental piece which a subtle complexity which perhaps would be better employed within the context of a longer track with lyrics than left to sit alone by lonesome with out any vocal additions. In retrospect, the Cult of Jester project has definitely grown beyond the paltry expectations I had erected for it into something that Ed might just be able to boast about with only a minimal amount of additional work.

Cult of Jester
c/o Ed Finkler
2211 Lakeshore Drive
St. Joesph MI, 49085-1840


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