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Various Artists: Hellscape 2

  1. ECM - Heart
  2. Syntax Error - Zukunftstaume
  3. Martyr Colony - Spiral Killer
  4. Syntax Error - Lasting Impression
  5. Anstalt Flesh - Impact Motive
  6. ATD Convention - Virus
  7. Abstinence - Fractured/Assassinate the Beat
  8. ECM - Gift
  9. Permutation Test - Syntaktik Struktures
  10. Dave Scott - Shadow Coat
  11. Yarn of the Moonfruit - Caged Distortion 3

Along with some great electro-industrial acts on this compilation, such as Syntax Error and ECM, they have also included some good experimental/noise pieces, such as the tracks by Permutation Test and Yarn of the Moonfruit. This is consistent with Furnace, as they are currently including more of these types of acts on their roster. Some of these more experimental pieces have a driving beat behind them, which makes for a unique and memorable combination. The best tracks, however, are the more straight-forward "industrial" songs like Martyr Colony with its great mixture of horn synths, driving guitar mixed in, and overpowering rhythms (even though I thought it strange that Furnace would include a track by this band, knowing Paul Campbell's [of Pounce Int'l] feelings towards the name continuation without him) and Abstinence, with its two sections. The first part being a noise collage which leaves a disturbing impression and the second part being a rhythmic instrumental with a rap feel to it and including some heavy and pounding percussion elements that are always present with this band. (Kevin Congdon)

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