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Collide: Beneath The Skin

  1. Violet's Dance
  2. Beneath The Skin
  3. Falling Up
  4. Deep
  5. Black
  6. Strange
  7. Dreams and Illusions
  8. Have Faith
  9. Pandora's Box
  10. 95&7
  11. Deep (Christ Analogue remix)
  12. Beneath The Skin (Subconscious remix by Cevin Key)

Collide are back this time with their debut release on Re-Constriction Records. I had the pleasure of acquiring their cassette demo release "The Crimson Trial" a year or so ago and was extremely pleased that they had successfully shopped their demo to a label. This release is essentially a remastered version of the original demo with two new songs and two exclusive remixes by cEVIN Key and Christ Analogue with the added benefit of being on a CD format. Collide is a unique band in that not only is the duo composed of a female vocalist and lyricist (Karin) and a male counterpoint who composes all of the music (Statik) but that they don't seem to be hampered by this arrangement. Statik is able to compose music which completely compliments Karin's voice without always having to resort to slow drawn out ballads and other conventional roles that female vocalists have been pigeon holed by popular music. Karin may have a lush sensuous voice but when she sings over a fast past song suited for a club, she is completely able to change tempo as to not detract from the overall mood of the track. The only thing Collide needs to watch out for is that they don't end up becoming stuck in a niche role because of their unique musical position, however I feel confident that it won't become a problem any time soon if the popularity of this release is any indication.

Collide are:
Karin - vocals, poetry
Statik - noise, sonic matrix assembly

Re-Constriction Records
4901-906 Morena Blvd.
San Diego, CA 92117-3432


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