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Grotus: Handjob

  1. A Bad Itch
  2. Ebola Reston
  3. Ain't Nobody's Business
  4. Ebola Reston (Beat Meat Mix)
  5. Ebola Reston (Touch My Monkey mix)

This new EP from Grotus includes remixes from Jack Dangers of Meat Beat Manifesto and Sascha of KMFDM. The lyrical content of the EP continues to display the social awareness that Grotus possess dealing with such subjects as racism and questioning the morality of using animals to benefit humans. The song 'A Bad Itch' sounds like earlier Grotus material circa Luddite. Aggressive, but controlled rhythms and the classic Lars vocals, harsh and grainy, yet still intelligible. On the original version of 'Ebola Reston', Lars uses a subdued distorted effect on his vocals through much of the song, which make his vocals sound a lot smoother, but deeper than his usual grainy style. The song is very fast-paced and sounds different from earlier material in some subtle way. Their cover of 'Ain't Nobody's Business' is a great instrumental combining elements of blues, hip hop and some guitar noise effects which is laden with a sample of a news story concerning tabloids and lots of talk show snippets. The remixes, however, suffer from sounding too much like the remixers themselves. The remix of 'Ebola Reston' by Jack Dangers is definitely a make-you-move song and has some definite Meat Beat elements in the song with its funky rhythms and sounds and quick-paced percussive programming. The mix by Sascha introduces some noticeable KMFDM sounding keyboards into the song, with the vocals having that same deep, delayed effect as on the original version of the song. (Kevin Congdon)

Grotus are:
Lars Fox - throat, tech, concussion
Adam Tanner - samples, 6 string bass, guitar, synth
Bruce Boyd - drums, turntables
John Carson - bass, samples, synth

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