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Sonic-Boom: September 1995


Spahn RanchSeptember 1995

Music Reviews:

Absolute Body ControlEat This
Anubian LightsThe Eternal Sky
Batz Without FleshInitial Stages
Black LungThe Depopulation Bomb
Brian DornbachThe Compositions Of Brian Dorbach
Convulsions of CreationMoomba is Here
Cult of JesterDemo
DessauDetails Sketchy
Steven DresslerDotlip
Idiot StareBlinded
InstagonThe Most Creative Thing I've Ever
Seen In A Slight English Accent
Ipecac LoopeX
Jagd WildJagd Wild
LeaetherstripGetting Away With Murder
Mandible ChatterGrace
Morpheus SisterMorpheus Sister
Not BreathingTime Music For Quazars
Pink FloydA Saucerful of Pink Tribute
QuartermassCoolie Joolie
SmershSuper Deformed
SmershJoin The Radium Girl Movement
Sun GodEFA
TerminusVictim Culture
Tinty MusicAnterior Interior
Tinty MusicStumbling Into Blindness
Violence & HateViolence & Hate
Various ArtistsEndless 1
Various ArtistsNorthwest Electronik Coalition
Various ArtistsThere is No Time

Literary Reviews:

GearIssue 42
Industrial NationIssue 11
Mondo 2000Issue 14
OptionMay-June 1995
WiredScenarios Special Edition

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