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Mandible Chatter: Grace

  1. Never Mind the Credits, Start the Dream 4:42
  2. The Silent Presence 5:26
  3. Piper in the Woods 6:12
  4. Beyond the Valley of Blue Rosebuds 8:45
  5. The Elements 10:17
  6. Sleepless Night #37 0:58
  7. Forty Mile Lullaby 4:14
  8. Night of Falling Trees 8:25
  9. Grace 4:58

One of the truly ground breaking experimental ambient projects I've heard recently. Incorporating the conventional instrumentation of the acoustic guitar along with several other classical instrument in conjuncture with ambient sound washes and more modern apparatuses of musical construction Mandible Chatter harvest a unique musical style from the roots of multiple musical types. The outcome of this particular chosen music clique range from very mellow guitar pieces, hauntingly beautiful soundscapes encompassing the listening veil to spelunking into the depths of apparition of the human soul. The juxtaposition of modern versus classical style harmonize at a level of almost utter perfection. Assuredly an aural experience that would delight a extremely broad listening audience.

Mandible Chatter are: Grant Miller & Neville Harson

Manifold Records
c/o Vince Harrigan
P.O. Box 12266
Memphis, TN 38182
Ph. (901) 278-7431
Fax (901) 278-1004


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