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Tinty Music: Anterior Interior

Side 1:

  1. Half the Length of the Chamber

Side 2:

  1. Tincture #1
  2. Tincture #2

Exquisites layers of soothing ambience float lazily through the atmosphere seeming to stretch of for miles echoing the amongst each like awakened biomes. Kevin of Tinty Music has continued the strong ambient theme that worked so well for him on his previous CD release. A total absence of beat or percussion in conjunction with the the utilization of nature and weather samples makes this a very robust organic release. This is the kind of music that I adore playing in the background when I study or to lull me to asleep because it places the listener on the edge of inner harmony and complacency. Also very useful piece of music to center oneself emotions with. Perhaps I'm getting a little to mystical but I tend to place a great deal of value in music as a tool to evoke vividly extreme or calming emotions and this music does the latter excessively well.

Tinty Music is: Kevin O'Connor

Tinty Music
P.O. Box 85363
Seattle, WA 98145-1363
Voice: (206) 632-9369
Fax: (206) 545-2868


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