Cult of Jester: (demo)

  1. Master V1
  2. The Death Of Cool
  3. Master V2
  4. Soundtrack
  5. Opium

I have to have a soft spot in my heart for anyone who names a band after my nickname so I can't help but enjoy this demo tape for the simple fact of it's chosen nomenclature and the music isn't bad either. Ed's been recently accused that much of his music sounds a great deal like all the other European electro bands but I feel that those claims are not justified. I had a chance to listen to several of these tracks prior to the release of this demo as well as several others that did not make the cut and the music the made it to the final demo release is leaps an bounds above the stuff remaining on the cutting room floor. The first side consists of two different versions of Master as well as The Death of Cool which was recorded at the THD studios in Pennyslvania. Each of the tracks has a harsh electro feel which in my opinion doesn't resemble any of the numerous bands thats I've heard previously, then again Ed is the only person I know who religiously samples cartoons. The second side changes in style to a more ambient programming without vocals which would seem to fit under the the moniker of 'unreleased soundtrack work' which seems to be popular these days. I think Ed has improved a great deal in his musical endeavors and there are still a few rough edges that need to be smoothed out in a few places but with any luck perhaps this demo will turn a few ears in the right places and these words of encouragement can lead to a contract of some kind.

Cult of Jester
c/o Ed Finkler
2211 Lakeshore Drive
St. Joesph MI, 49085-1840


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