Album Cover

Tinty Music: Stumbling Into Blindness

Side 1:

  1. No Escape From Time 8:52
  2. Theory of Miscommunication 21:44

Side 2:

  1. Tincture #3 29:32

This time Tinty Music moves away from the lulling ambience for the first side of the tape and instead strives for more of a structured noise expose centered around phone operators, appropriated percussion, and other titillating metallic objects. The music still remains light, unabusive and generally pleasing to the ear quite unlike most noise experimentation. The second side of the tape returns to the wafting ambient tinctures that constantly never cease to amaze me. What impresses me the most about this and other work by Tinty Music is the sheer quality of the music. Everything that Kevin O'Connor produces is down in the privacy of his own home without the luxuries of an expensive studio or recording equipment and yet he still manages to produced an amazingly high quality audio cassette release.

Tinty Music is: Kevin O'Connor

Tinty Music
P.O. Box 85363
Seattle, WA 98145-1363
Voice: (206) 632-9369
Fax: (206) 545-2868


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