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Leaetherstrip: Getting Away With Murder

  1. Tear of Stone (Confinement Tour Intro)
  2. No Rest For The Wicked (No Vox Version)
  3. Dreaming (Two Track Demo 1982)
  4. Never Trust Anyone At The Carnival (Two Track Demo 1984)
  5. Satanic Citizen
  6. Touchdown Breakdown
  7. Crash (Flight 232)
  8. Zyclon B
  9. Leaether Strip Part II
  10. Murder

Finally the long awaited compilation album from the US Leaetherstrip fanbase & RAS DVA Records. This CD compiles unreleased tracks from 1982-1995 and ranges from lives tracks from a Zoth Ommog tour in 1990 (tracks 5-9), original demoes from the early eighties and unreleased singles. This album is definitely a diehard Leaetherstrip fan ultimate wish. What impressed me the most on this compilation was the time span from which the tracks originated. Getting a change to listen to some of Claus's first demo tracks, cheesy as they might be, give the listener a great deal of insight into the musical direction of the Danish mastermind. This CD is a definite requirement for all Leaetherstrip fan but you better pick up a copy fast because it has a limited edition release of 500 in the US and 500 in Europe.

Ras Dva Records
407 Vine St
Suite 272
Cincinnati, OH 45202-2806


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