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Terminus: Victim Culture

  1. Words 3:13
  2. Purest 4:33
  3. Etched In My Scars 3:37

As I was leafing through the press package which came with this CD single I became acutely afraid that yet another misinformed metal band had send more music my way. The insert of the CD didn't even mention either one of the artists using an electronic instrument. So, I dropped the CD into the discman and prepared to cringe. Luck was with apparently me as the first track began with a sampler and drum machine, slowly drifted into guitar chords, here is where the problem began. Whereas the guitar and electronic percussion meshed particularly well and the sample utilization was intelligent, but the vocalist should be replaced. His vocal style is the stereotypical heavy metal thundering bass tone that has been overdone to death. Apart from the horrendous vocals the band shows promise, maybe a few hours with a vocoder and a voice filter can save the band from it's eminent label as metal industrial crossover or maybe not.

Terminus are:
Peter Johnson - Bass, Vocals
Derek Norberg - Guitar

P.O. Box 1553
Pacifica, CA 94044-6553
(415) 634-9765


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