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Sonic-Boom: July 1996


Fin With Fascists! by Jester


Dead Voices on AirJuly 1996
Idiot Stare11/17/95
Don Gordon of Numb3/12/96
Don Gordon of Numb3/23/96

Music Reviews:

29 DiedSworn
Apoptygma Berzerk7
Attrition3 Arms & A Dead Cert
CollideViolet's Dance
Danielle DaxTimber Tongue EP
Dead Voices On AirAbrader
Dream The IllusionMind Vibe Jams
Fiction 8Dissonance Indifference
Hate DeptOmnipresent
Heavy Water FactoryFluid & Meat
Individual TotemS.E.T.I.
LuxtJezabel Thirteen Three
Nether RegionDemo
Not BreathingDemo
Principia AudiomaticaSystematic Sonority
Sister SoleilSister Soleil
Spahn RanchIn Parts Assembled Solely
Strike 1:wumpscut - vs Haujobb
Strike 2Die Krupps vs Front Line Assembly
Strike 316 Volt vs Hate Dept.
Think About MutationHellraver
Various ArtistsBiotech 02
Various ArtistsElektrauma Vol. 2
Various ArtistsMaschinenwelt
Various ArtistsMetalmorphosis
Various ArtistsNarratives - Music For Fiction
Various ArtistsNocturne Concrete
Various ArtistsSheen
Various ArtistsThe Tyranny of OffBeat Vol. 2
Venus WalkSide Effect

Literary Reviews:

Alternative PressIssue 96
Black MondayIssue 1.2
Control-Alt-DeleteIssue 10
Dark AngelIssue 20
PermissionIssue 8
ReplicantIssue 1
ResonanceIssue 5

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