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Think About Mutation: Hellraver

  1. Ganglords
  2. Overload
  3. River
  4. Lucky Times
  5. The Rewinding Seeds
  6. Suffer
  7. Warning
  8. Psycho DJ
  9. Nude
  10. Try the Way to Move
  11. View (What's this Life)
  12. Killing Zoe
  13. 4 Steps Ahead

This third release from TAM delivers more of that strange, but ingenious mixing of metal, techno, rave and industrial styles we have come to expect from this group. Once again, this group has crafted an intense and powerful dance album; be warned, this is not music for intellectualizing. This album would definitely be a hit at almost any industrial-dance or techno club and the overpowering energy of this album is so infectious, you have no recourse but to move to it in some form another, whether it's the subtle toe-tapping at work or the all-out frenzied gyrations on the dance floor. The last tracks is a bizarre, but captivating combination of samples from Metallica, Faith No More, Cranberries, 20 Fingers, and Badalamenti. The resulting mixture of these varied samples is a thick and delicious treat with a touch of hilarity thrown in, thanks extensively in part to the lyrics "itsy bitsy, teenie weenie..." (Kevin Congdon)

Think About Mutation are:
Donis - vocals and horrible screaming
Joey - guitar, vocals, sequenzprogamming
Heavyette - guitar
Kay - live drums, drum programming, loop programming, backing vocals
Rajko - bass guitar, bass sequenzprogramming, backing vocals
Grafe - keyboards and programming

c/o CMB Inc.
292 South La Cienega, Ste# 130
Los Angeles, CA 90211


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