Pinch: Demo

  1. Crawl 3:52
  2. Resurrection 4:25
  3. Ode To Willpower And The Strength of Revenge 4:11
  4. Blood 4:28
  5. Deeper "Numb" 2:46

Pinch is another side project by Traci Moody of The Christ Analogue which has a stronger guitar edge to it. This seems suiting since Traci's instrument of choice is the guitar. Don't automatically assume that since a guitar is present in this material that is has suddenly become yet another rip-off band. In the case of Pinch, the guitar work is anything but unoriginal. The guitar while sounding conventional at times is mostly used more as a harmonizing device to accentuate the electronics and vocal work rather than over power it. The vocals retain much of the modern heavy metal sound that has been made popular by bands like Metallica, by swinging back and forth between gruff screaming and lush melody without becoming annoying like their predecessors. Long periods of time in the middle of tracks are used as bridges for electronic percussion and are layered heavily with vocal samples which is something totally unheard of from a synth core band. Overall the music has a very polished edge that would appeal to many a crossover industrial fan as well as popular music listeners. This gives it a strong staying power to swing both audiences into it's fanbase without compromising eithers musical values.

Pinch are: Rey Guajardo & Traci Moody

P.O. Box 2766
Woodinville, WA 98072-2766


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