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Collide: Violet's Dance

  1. Deep 3:16
  2. Violet's Dance 2:33
  3. Deep (Christ Analogue Club Mix) 3:42
  4. Violet's Dance (Apparatus Club Mix) 3:23
  5. Deep (Acoustic Version) 3:02

This debut single by Collide contains three versions of 'Deep' and two of 'Violet's Dance'. Each track exists in it's original version, as well as being remixed by other Re-Constriction like Christ Analogue and Apparatus. By far the most unique track on the single is the acoustic version of 'Deep'. While the other remixes are oriented on the club scene, the acoustic remix strips away all the electronics, relying entirely on KaRin's voice and an accompanying acoustic guitar. It is highly unusual for a entirely electronic band to unplugged like this but it comes off extremely well. It kinds of makes you have hope that the industrial scene might yet see the light of day on a certain unnamed MTV feature show. It be interested in other bands trying the same concept and see how well it works for them. They might be pleasantly surprised at the results and we as the audience might get to hear some really unique versions of some classic dance floor tracks.

Collide is: KaRin & Statik

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