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Principia Audiomatica: Systematic Sonority

  1. Selforganizing Homeostatic Systems
  2. Holographically Connected System
  3. Functionally Isomorphic Systems
  4. Encapsulated Modular System
  5. Cognitive Penetrating System
  6. Interactive Quantum System
  7. Central Nervous System
  8. Closed Thermodynamic System

Sharing much in common with ClockDVA, Principia Audiomatica have composed an album that might as well be a sister project to any of Adi Newton's material. Albeit a little more downbeat and mellow, many of the classic DVA elements are used throughout this album. It starts with something as trivial as the liner notes, which explain in complex detail the scientific research referenced in composing each track. It then continues with the usage of bizarrely familiar movie samples from fifties cult science fiction films and documentaries and ends with a level of cloaked mysticism that surrounds the entire volume of music. One item that is conspicuously absent is the lack of vocal work of any kind which is just enough to keep the album from sounding like a rehash of someone elses work. However, regardless of the apparent similarities, Principia Audiomatica fills musical niche that has been void of any new material ever since Adi Newton disappeared from the music scene with the release of the last Anti-Group album. So if you are looking for your ClockDVA fix, this is as good of a place as any to acquire it if you cannot wait any longer for new material, as well as an excellent musical transition towards subtlely similar, yet rudimentarily different compositional styles.

Principia Audiomatica are: Sinisa Ocurscak & Milijenko Rajakovic

Minus Habens Records
via Giustino Fortunato 8/N
70125 Bari


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