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Sonic-Boom: April 1996


Music as an Opinion and Perspective as a Mirror by Jester


The AggressionTimes Square, New York City 3/5/96
Eric Cook of Gravitarconducted via e-mail March/April 1996
Spaz & David Trousdale of Sphere Lazzaconducted via phone 2/29/96

Music Reviews:

Crocodile ShopCrush Your Enemies
Deathline InternationalZarathoustra
FragmentedKnowledge of War
In FaithI Live
Mimic MindPlunder For Profit
The ProphetessDichotomy
PsychopompsFirst Blood
James Ray's Performance & GangwarBest of
Razed In BlackShrieks, Laments and Anguished Cries
Spilt TearsDemo
T.H.C.Death By Design
Under The NoiseOf Generation and Corruption
Various ArtistsComplications
Various ArtistsL'Alternative Dramatique Sampler
Winds Died Down(self-titled) EP

Literary Reviews:

Black MondayIssue 1

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