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Crocodile Shop: Crush Your Enemies

  1. Celebrate The Enemy - Underwater Mix 7:56
  2. Growing Stronger - Berlin Is Burning 3:54
  3. Smack Up - No Solution Mix 4:49
  4. Crush Your Enemies - Oz Chant Mix 7:06
  5. Said Said You Said - Lunar Trance Mix 6:27
  6. Growing Stronger - What's That In The Road... Mix 4:23
  7. Celebrate The Enemy - Vive La France Mix 5:57
  8. Celebrate - Iron Horse Mix 5:32
  9. Crush - Oz Glitch Mix 7:09
  10. Said Said Undead - Pink Doors 4 Dr. King Mix 5:21

After my less than praiseful critique of Crocodile Shop's first album, I was extremely curious as to what direction this remix EP would go and if it could perhaps instill some life into altogether blandness of their music. Needless to say I was pleasantly surprised at the outcome of the majority of the mixes. Even with the presence of multiple remixes of the same track, each mix was drastically different from the original and from it's brethren mixes. I'd like to think that perhaps I had something to do with the abrupt change of musical direction but I don't think I can be given that much credit. Rather the credit should be given to Mick Hale of Crocodile Shop for his innovative mixing style and the choice of electronic perversions to add a little depth to music. Now I'm actually looking forward to their new album instead of dreading it. It just goes to show you that with only a minimal effort bands can actually change themselves for the better.

Crocodile Shop is:
V. Markus - programming
Mick Hale - vox & programming
R.A. Werner - bass & effects

Tinman Records
P.O. Box 1114
New Brunswick, NJ 08903


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