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Mimic Mind: Plunder For Profit

  1. Broken Eyes
  2. Anger
  3. Suffering
  4. Our House
  5. Lies For Answers
  6. Front
  7. Mask
  8. Sex Terror
  9. Luge
  10. Human Error

Mimic Mind stands apart from a large portion of the electro crowd for the simple fact that they are able to create a danceable orchestral soundscape. If that only seems to confuse you more let me try and explain. The music borders on becoming almost darkwave gothic in the way the electronic movements are presented and the style of the vocals, yet each track still is able to maintain a solid dance floor appeal, even some of the slower tracks. Mimic Mind is yet another member of the European electronic movement who are trying to redefine the conventional definition of EBM by expanding the boundaries beyond what anyone ever expected. The subtlety of layering interspersed with an almost fluid programming style create a very uniquely refined sound. Each track seems to betray you with it's simplicity yet buried deep in the mix lies an acute complexity. Mimic Mind has sharpened it's ability to lure in an audience to a razor keen edge, and with that edge they are now beginning to lay siege to the domestic market. If Lassique Bendhaus or ClockDVA are to your liking, Mimic Mind should satisfy your narcotic craving.

Broken Seal Records
c/o Arts Industria
South Bend, IN 46616
(219) 232-8177


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