Album Cover

Pitchshifter: Infotainment?

  1. Introductory Disclaimer
  2. Underacheiver
  3. (We're Behaving Like) Insects
  4. Virus
  5. Product Placement
  6. (Harmless) Interlude
  7. Bloodsweatsaliva
  8. Hangar
  9. Whiteout
  10. Phoenixology

Pitchshifter have evolved to become one of the few bands who can actually utilize chunky guitars rhythms over breakbeat electronics and make it sound good. Most bands fall pathetically short when they try to incorporate traditional hardcore guitars and electronic, but Pitchshifter has shown that not only it is possible to do, but that it can be done well. Infotainment is a conception album from the very beginning. Utilizing the ever popular industrial means of appropriation in concert with a variety of conspiracy theories and government cover ups, they seek to instill paranoia while at the same time they hope to awaken us from the apathetic stupor most Americans spend their entire life consumed by. They even go as far as to include a CD-ROM track with video images of the band along with two entire tracks full of unlicensed musical and vocal samples at the end of the album. Pitchshifter is slapping all the large corporate copyright laws in the face as they beg us to think for ourselves. This is all hardly an original concept, but the fact that they have given the they are the most complete in their methods stemmed from madness.

Pitchshifter is:
J.S. Clayden - vocals
J.A. Carter - guitars & programming
M.D. Clayden - bass
D.J. Walters - percussion

Earache Records
295 Lafayette ST.
Suite 915
New York, NY 10012


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