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The Prophetess: Dichotomy

  1. All I Want
  2. Darkness Leaves
  3. Bury My Love
  4. India
  5. Love Forbidden
  6. Melancholy Rain
  7. Dream of Eden
  8. Murder
  9. In The Clouds
  10. Do You Remember
  11. You Take Away
  12. The Lover's Knot
  13. This Vastness
  14. Alone
  15. (hidden track)

The Prophetess is yet another band who has abandoned the majority of it's original sound to escape back to the gothic days of yesteryear. Gone totally are the electronics used in previous work replaced entirely with melodic guitar work. The overall structure of the music remains almost exactly the same as before just without an electronic element. This seems to be a popular fade with gothic bands recently in hopes to get back to the true roots that gothic music initially stemmed from. The Prophetess seems to be doing the job remarkably well. One can even heard elements of some of the older Love & Rockets material present on a number of tracks. One thing to mention is the fact that while the liner notes suggest that keyboards are used on this album, I could not hear them anywhere on the album. Perhaps they were recorded extremely low in the mix or just used in a way as to not distract from vocals and guitar work, I can't be entirely sure as I simply could not hear them at all. In the end they are a solid, tight gothic rock band with no convictions of being anything else.

The Prophetess are:
Tony Tullai
Mark Hawks
Rick Joyce
Tom Coyne

The Prophetess
P.O. Box 9893
Fountain Valley, CA 92728-9893


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