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Winds Died Down: (self-titled) EP

  1. Serves Me Right 3:55
  2. Just Like What I Need 4:13
  3. Hands And Knees 4:37
  4. Hypochrist 5:25
  5. Strangers With The Eyes of Men 5:19

I've been struggling to try and develop some type of deductive reasoning as to why this band has been without a doubt the most difficult review I've ever had. After thirty odd listens to this EP, I still remain at a total loss of words. A large portion of this is derived from the fact that I cannot find a single reasonable influence of any kind. While the music is totally original, it also isn't anything to compose a reveling diatribe about either. The entire EP is just plain old fashioned electro industrial with just a minor seasoning of guitars. Nothing to dancey, nothing to hardcore, nothing to extreme, in fact Winds Died Down seems to exist smack in the middle of the industrial music bell curve. I really dislike having to make a statistical comparison instead of a musical one but nothing else seems to suggest any better way to describe the band. Winds Died Down has composed five very straight forward tracks with no gimmicks, overused samples, or bad guitar riffs that seem to have been spawned from a void that is devoid of musical influence of any kind.

Winds Died Down is: Robert Rampley & Christopher Compton

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1441 Huntington Drive
Suite 214
South Pasadena, CA 91030


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