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T.H.C.: Death By Design

  1. Somebody Has To Die
  2. Allopathic Medicine
  3. Gun Control
  4. Bangkok Six
  5. T.H.C.
  6. Death By Design
  7. Directly From Angels
  8. Directly From Satan
  9. Xenotransplant

T.H.C. is quite unlike most high bpm dance music who try and kid themselves that they can break the monotony of the majority of techno rave music. Instead They are content to work with minimal basslines, imaginatively pilfered vocal samples and pulsating rhythms. Their music should be entirely taken at face value instead of with the chip on the shoulder attitude brought on by other unnamed artists. My only question is what exactly about this music appeals to an listener? Sure the music is sparse, dancey as hell, and sometimes drifts towards an ambient style setting but without any depth of layering what does the music actually offer to the audience? This line of questioning inherently stems from the fact that I haven't ever experienced the herd mentality of a large rave and the supposed synergy brought on by hundreds of people in motion for hours at a time. I tend to enjoy listening to my music in the privacy of my own home at loud volumes to experience their depth rather than in large groups on the dance floor where this music seems to be focuses. However the few ambient tracks on this album do make for an excellent stereophonic experience and tend to contain a great deal more complexity which I think are the saving grace for this album.

T.H.C. is: George Sarah, Dave Zero & Ziggy Lazers

Fifth Column Records
P.O. Box 787
Washington, DC 20044
(202) 783-0044


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