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Sonic-Boom: September 1995


FoetusJuly 29, 1995
XorcistDecember 1994

Music Reviews:

Alien FaktorAbduction
And Christ WeptDestroy Existence
Black RainV1.0
Cartesian FaithStructural Components
Clay PeopleIron Icon
Electrode Dingus 2026Nitrogen Jukebox
3D House of BeefLazgrodin Zosaval
Insight 23Obsess
Luc Van AckerTaking Snapshots Vol. 1
Oneiroid PsychosisStillbirth
Spahn RanchThe Coiled One
Sphere LazzaIncinerate
SutureDemo 2
To Live & Shave In L.A.Vedder Vedder Bedwetter
Under The NoiseFuture Automatic
Vampire RodentsClockseed
Various ArtistsControl-Alt-Delete Vol. 1
Various ArtistsChildren of RMI
Various ArtistsThe Digital Space Between Vol. 2
Various ArtistsThugs 'N' Kisses
Various ArtistsNew Forms of Entertainment Vol. 1

Literary Reviews:

DAMnIssue 3
Music From The Empty QuarterIssue 10

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