Album Cover

Black Rain 1.0

  1. Memory Johnny
  2. Lo Tek
  3. Brain Drop
  4. Night City, Tokyo
  5. Arcade One
  6. Lo Tek Bridge
  7. Now I'm Just A Number
  8. Biotechno 1 & 2
  9. Lo Tek Music
  10. Lo Tek Bridge Two
  11. Metal Rain
  12. C-Factor
  13. Brain Drop (remix)
  14. Memory Rain

If the song titles haven't already giving this away this album was the original soundtrack to William Gibson's "Johnny Mnemonic". For reasons unclear to me this excellent rendition of the mood evoked by the film was replaced with a less than appealing soundtrack that you heard if you saw the film. The majority of the album consists of various sound collages and ambient interpretations of the film. A few tracks have a grittier edge to them, almost industrial rock with guitars and a grinding bassline which seem to focus on several of the fight scenes that appear in the screenplay. Regardless of whither or not you enjoyed "Johnny Mnemonic" I suggest you pick up this soundtrack. The music does a much better job of backing up the film than the actual soundtrack does.

Black Rain are: Stuart Argabright & Shinichi Shimokawa

Fifth Column Records
P.O. Box 787
Ben Franklin Station
Washington D.C. 20044


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