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Thugs 'N' Kisses: A Synthcore Compilation

  1. Penal Colony M.P.D.T.T.S. (FWR)
  2. 16 Volt Skin (Guitarless Hate Dept. Mix)
  3. Apparatus Come Alive
  4. Colla Destra Visual
  5. Vampire Rodents Core
  6. Acumen Matador (Thug Mix)
  7. SMP Lethal Weapon (Introless Mix)
  8. Society Burning Human Waste (Hate Dept Mix)
  9. Tinfed Thin Wall Turmoil (Meniscus Mix)
  10. Hate Dept Bitch
  11. Killing Floor Valentine (Broken Heart 92' Mix)
  12. Skrew Mouthful Of Dust (Edit)
  13. Clay People Pale God (Raw Version)
  14. Chemlab Chemical Halo (V. Rodents' Sax Mix)
  15. Death Industry Iceman Cometh
  16. Pain Emission Head Cheese

A very solid collection of electrocore bands proving once again that there is more to industrial guitar music than the MTV poster child NIN would lead us to believe. All the tracks are supposed to be previously unreleased or remixes however I could swear that the Apparatus track has appeared in at least two other places but compared to most compilations that is a negligible penalty. Hate Dept had it's hands full remixing multiple tracks as well as providing an new track themselves and they are not even on the label. It just goes to show you that this industry bends over backwards to help each other. For instance the Chemlab remix was probably done to return the favor of Jared's vocals on "Low Orbit" on the recent Vampire Rodents release. This new breed of industrial talent may just be more intermeshed that the previous generation. You have to hand it to Chase for constantly providing the listener with one amazing release after another free from monotony and repetition.

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