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To Live And Shave In L.A.: Vedder Vedder Bedwetter

  1. 5 Seconds Off Your Ass
  2. Grams, Paths
  3. Pig Off, Ass Full
  4. Bucks, Rears And Throws The Rider
  5. Dungstar Supervivisect!
  6. Throws Cunt A Tear
  7. O. Ruddock D. "H.S. Mauberly"
  8. Long-Drawn And Staccato "Lousy Dime"
  9. Shits Upon The Debris And BurnsZ
  10. Handballed "Viet"-Clasp
  11. The The, Which Radiance Overdrenched
  12. In Such Wise She Cannot Stir
  13. Miff Mole, Witch-Leery Scot
  14. Shut The Second She Clawed
  15. Rug Trilogy: Christus
  16. Like The Two-Part "Nod"
  17. Nigh To The HM Threshold
  18. M. Polk, Prop.
  19. Cobwebs With "Trap" Primrose
  20. Glas Employed An Urn
  21. Schwann Death In June Reference
  22. "Good Bait" Made Butt Of Insult
  23. The Sink Mentioned In The Scriptures
  24. Ruberist, Unwept
  25. The The Perms
  26. And Hammer, The Crown Of Thorns
  27. From Gloss "Polytope" Flex
  28. "A", The Swinging She-River
  29. Blind Hole Without A Piss-Eye
  30. "Ulalume" /Fram Decal Split
  31. Brother Fallins, Twat From Fool
  32. Left Bro. At Doors
  33. T.C.B. Drop-Skirt
  34. Die, One And Five

72 minutes of pure unadulterated noise. Not even the saving grace of Jared from Chemlab can do much for this album. I must just be one of the few people who cannot grasp the reasoning behind recording structured noise with vaguely unintelligible vocals behind it. Generally you try to record music in order to entice the listener to sing along to the vocals or dance with the intricate beats but in the case of noise experimentation the only thing useful that I can find for it is to scare away the neighbors. The feedback coupled with the screaming vocals of which not a single intelligible word can be understood lacks any enticement that would allow for the establishment of a fan base. If the point is to produce sound so far off the beaten path that the cacophony which ensues drives even the sanest man to the asylum then this album does just that. I could not even sit through an entire listening of the album at one time to complete this review the sound evoked was so maddening to me. If noise is your cup of tea you might consider taking a listen to this album if not you might try watching MTV for 24 hours straight to hours to establish the same sort of dulling of the senses.

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P.O. Box 787
Ben Franklin Station
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