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Cartesian Faith: Structural Components

  1. Worm Hole [.]
  2. If I Was
  3. truncate [.] pray
  4. disintipated [ooph mix]
  5. Threaded [summer journey]
  6. Slaphappy
  7. Agings of an Imbecile
  8. deceasion
  9. Ollkuden [vison mix]

Long analogue loops sparse on the imagination and depth wrap themselves around percussive washes creating static plane of order. The simplicity of the music deludes into thinking that perhaps there should be more present in the mix when in fact the entire album was created with barren sound structure in mind. There are absolutely no vocal present anywhere on the album, the artist choosing to focus the entirety of his work the intonation of sound. The album left with me wondering if artist intentionally avoided sound complexity or if he was constrained by his equipment and was not able to produce music of any depth. I tend to think that perhaps with more versatile equipment the level of complexity of the music would increase dramatically and perhaps the music would gain a greater appeal.

Connect The Dots
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