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Sphere Lazza: +incinerate

Side 1:

  1. Empty V 4:15
  2. Hiss The Serpent 4:41
  3. Deadlock 3:12
  4. Waif 6:12

Side 2:

  1. Under Pressure [AI Remix] 4:24
  2. Justified? 3:20
  3. Inner Sanctum 3:03
  4. MK Ultra 6:08

A definite progressive work since the band's last release. Stylistically this album approaches Noise Unit in programming and vocal mixing. Beyond that, the band has a unique sound quite its own. The two remixes from the previous album _Cyberchrist_ (tracks 5 & 6) also bring forth the bands inherent remixing skills. Not a very danceable album due to the heavy layering of percussion and rhythms, but the production quality, and diverse musical programming are quite apparent. The samples and vocals often lie deep under the music allowing both to compliment each other, and continue the trend of intelligible vocals that industrial music is so proud of. Recommended to those fans of electro-percussive with a mild dance incentive style of music.

Sphere Lazza is Spaz & David Trousdale

Arts Industria
23784 SR 2
South Bend, IN 46619


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