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Contingence: Dominion

  1. Synopsis II.C5.IX-V
  2. Fusion
  3. The Schismatisist
  4. Bioconfigurations
  5. Fellacious Doctrine
  6. Mordant Atrophy
  7. Nocturnal Sedation
  8. Compulsion To Kill
  9. Illusion Of The Beast
  10. Incarceration Unavowed

When this album is ordered direct from the band it comes packaged with pieces of broken circuit board and various excerpts about the band neatly arranged in a black folder. The majority of the album is oriented around a dark cybernetic future. If Front Line Assembly had utilized live instead of sampled guitars on their new album it might have sounded something like this record. Elaborate samples, in depth programming and chaotic soundscapes layer themselves around the guitar chords without drowning out any of the multiple facets of the music. An extraordinary electro-guitar crossover with just enough of every aspect of modern industrial music to appeal to a diversity of listeners.

Contingence is:
Otto Cate - programming, fx, sampling, vocals, lyrics
Alex Seminara - omniscient sampling, fx, vocals, lyrics
Johnny Bullets - guitars, vocals, lyrics

Deprogrammed Productions
P.O. Box 46099
Seattle, WA 98146
FAX: (206)-439-9119


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