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Sonic-Boom: August 1995


Die WarzauJuly 15, 1995
FoetusJuly 12, 1995
Sister Machine GunJuly 15, 1995

Music Reviews:

Electro-Assassin BiocultureMutation
Horton's Wood Shedcd d:\industrial\noise\pollution
IndexNever This Infliction
Lassique BendhausCloned
Lassique BendhausMatter
Love Is Colder Than DeathTeignmouth
Love Is Colder Than DeathOxeia
Love Is Colder Than DeathMental Traveller
Mentallo & The FixerRevelations 23
Nine Inch FloydNo Love Lost
Out of Band Experience &
Kings of Feedback
Open Your Ears
...Of Skin & SalivaSahul
Various ArtistsChaos Compilation
Various ArtistsPhildelphia Spirit Exchange

Literary Reviews:

Re\SearchThe Industrial Culture Handbook
Interface MagazineIssue 2.1
NegativlandFair Use
Space DazeSpace Daze

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