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Electro Assassin: Bioculture Mutation

  1. Godfear 7:16
  2. Haywire 5:28
  3. Toxic Shock 6:50
  4. Victim Support 1:44
  5. Scum Device 3:50
  6. Heavy Unit 7:20
  7. F-Zero 4:23
  8. Terminal Choice 6:07
  9. Ultra Fear 6:33
  10. Incubus 6:37

Try to imagine if you will, the EBM musical style of Front242 mixed with the satire of PWEI and the sampling mentality of Front Line Assembly all thrown together into one band. Nothing new musically speaking, but an amusing package nonetheless. If you've heard anything else by this band in the past you will definitely notice the departure from the Information Society style synthpop industrial towards a more open ended EBM dance style. The vocals filtering has been altered from the altogether silly whine of the past to a solid European dance vocal. The growth has been phenomenal from previous work to this new album. Gone are the childishly stupid cyber happy mentalities, the music actually has some semblance of structure and the lyrics albeit still rather tacky make some type of sense. In retrospect, the band has not broken any new musical ground, but the growth within the band has been beyond any expectation by this listener who was ready to toss this album the moment he received it.

Victim Support Unit
167B Wightman Road
London N8 OBB

Metropolis Records
P.O. Box 54307
Philadelphia, PA 19105


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