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Mentallo & The Fixer: Revelation 23

  1. Ancient Languages 6:48
  2. Legion Of Lepers 9:18
  3. Fusion Mutation 6:46
  4. Pulse Hemorrhage (Lesionary Mix) 9:37
  5. Rapid Suffocation 5:54
  6. Amplitude Interference 7:38
  7. Inhumanities 4:55
  8. Cerebral Statik Overdose 4:23
  9. Soaked With Blood (T.H.C. Edit) 3:17
  10. Grim Reality 8:13
  11. Seam Of The Earth 3:28
  12. Bleek Seduction 1:20
  13. Decomposed (Grimpen Ward Mix) 4:30

The precursor album to Mentallo & The Fixer's penultimate work. All the ground work is laid out for the prodigal son. The testing ground is used, the programming tweaked, percussion refined, sanity checked and cross checked. The final beta test is released and the consumer has nothing but raves for the sound evoked by the brothers from Texas. Intricate programming, unique percussion and deeply layered rhythms permeate the pain and torture the listener is experiencing. The evolution of torture-tech and shock horror music is now complete. There can be no doubt that the new messiah of electro-horror has arrived.

Mentallo & The Fixer are: Gary Dassing & Dwayne Dassing

Metropolis Records
P.O. Box 54307
Philadelphia, PA 19105


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