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Rhythmic noise (or "power noise", as it is commonly called) is a genre that got more and more followers in the last two years. In consequence, a lot of new bands have appeared recently, bringing with them a high number of demos and of compilation, each one trying to feature the best of the new blood, and to gather the future big names of the style. Feedback Loop is no exception, and contains 14 new tracks from mostly new bands, some of which present very interesting material, while some other are obviously at the beginning of their path.

Feedback Loop begins with its most reknown act, d.b.s, who is nothing else than a side-project of Converter. Close to Converter, this track has a lot of tension, building slowly and incorporating very interesting sounds, like an undistorted, oriental-sounding melody (the most impressive, once again, being that all these sounds were recorded with only the mouth as instrument). consume, one of the rare acts I knew already, is next, with a more rhythmic but very broken track, that benefit from a good production and some intereting sounds. Then comes what is for me the best track on the disc, with the first track I hear from burn, a heavy, percussive one that revolves around only one rhythm, but incorporates a lot of breaks and details. Very catchy and pleasant, this is really a track that made me want to listen to more things from this act.

Past these three introductory tracks Feedback Loop's contains tracks that are a bit less successful (even though Dominator by TYROPHEX14, a side-project of New Mind, is complex and well written), til you get to C/A/T's track, Dying Morality, which mixes the very repetitive aspect of this project with a heavy club appeal, and will get a lot of people dancing. It is followed by another good track, the more aggressive and saturated Demolir by Rec|use.

All in all, Feedback Loop is a good compilation ,that fits very well in the rhythmic noise landscape, and contains surprisingly good tracks. Of course, some of the newest acts still have to make some progress, but I think that the future is quite bright for some, like C/A/T or burn, and I will make sure to listen to these acts' next releases. A nice treat for fans of the genre, and a good surprise.
(Recycle Your Ears)

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