burn is the second coming of a continuing project. The first phase began in 1998-99 with projekt // 23 scoring well on mp3.com with his rythmic noise and industrial experiments. burn has decided to mature his sound, and focus more on certain aspects of previous experimentation. Influences come from being a club DJ, and his focus is the dance floor.

[its gone]
Machine rhythms are fused with hip hop breakbeats, arranged to receive maximum stomp-a-bility. This song is previously unreleased.

C/A/T is one of the many outputs of Ben Arp. C/A/T has evolved through many stages, ranging from experimental ambience to the more "noise-rhythm" based style found here. "Dying Morality" was recorded during a time when C/A/T was run using the smallest amount of equipment possible... without using a computer. Look for more from C/A/T soon... coming on Crunch Pod Media.

Centyl is the sour-noise side-project of Zach Forbes, better known as longtime underground techno act Dr Polymer. The motivation behind Centyl is to produce ear-throbbing, beat pounding electronics made entirely with analog and home made equipment, tapes, and amplifiers. Centyl has performed live numerous times in the East Coast USA, and in the future will begin work with a plethora of collaborators. A full length is complete, and hungry for release. Labels, this means you. Midi-free music for the advil addict.

consume=J.Wood and a bunch of cheap software. From Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, he's been making this awful racket and enraging live audiences since 1998. The track on this compilation is an outtake from his latest CDR, Shallow End of the Scene Pool. Future releases will edge cautiously away from the previous crunch-bang, toolbox-thrown-down-concrete-stairs type material and into the realm of neo-ambient adjectivecore death-polka. Yeah.

d.b.s. is a project from Scott Sturgis (Converter/Pain Station). The premise of d.b.s. is that all the sounds used in creating d.b.s. tracks are made only with Scott's mouth and/or voice, sampled using a microphone running through various effects. Spread Your Wings is a bit of a departure from the standard d.b.s. sound, utilizing more traditional-sounding "instruments" interwoven with various melodic elements.

Form/Alkaline is Phil Caldwell & Steve Watkins, who previously released three CDs and toured the US as Scar Tissue in the late 90's.

The ever-evolving electronic project of lx, lxl ("el ex el") contributes to Feedback Loop with an experimental power-noise remix of the originally subtle and eerie bass, piano and string composition, "Blood Box."

The "Slit" mix transforms "Blood Box" into a manic, angry piece, with frenetic beats, skittish textures and metallic vocals from the lovely animina.

ML is the band that was formerly Thine Eyes. If you like ML, you might also like Christian Sex Loops and My Knobs Taste Funny, available from Doppler Effect Records. Or, you might enjoy a career in electrical engineering.

Monitor is a project by Aaron Tobias & Steve Watkins, of 5000 Fingers & Form/Alkaline, respectively. Steve creates the effect-box feedback sources and Tobias provides sequencing, noises, & percussion. Two Monitor songs have been completed and can be found at the link below.

Monotone Corrosive
The Intent: To work towards a form that is constantly mutating. To disfigure the face of music with evolution or to evolve the face of music into disfigurement.

The Content: Throbbing beats merge with a sea of noise. Melodies are masked by such intense dissonance that they become a near wash of rhythmic texture.

The Component: Ezra S. started manipulating an aardvark machine and a five-string feedback generator in late 1998, using them to create standard musical pieces. Experiencing disgust and boredom with them, however, he turned to a binary processor in order to dissect and reconstruct these pieces into scouring arrangements.

Om Fx Skole
Om fx Skole started in 1997 by Shawn Vokal when he began putting together a fully hands-on studio. All Om fx Skole music and production is made without the use of any computer software. All hardware - analogue and digital synths, drum machines, mixers and recorders used to pull together new hybrids of song construction, beats, and ambient soundscapes. The track featured on Feedback Loop shows the less abstract and more dance-able side of the ever changing musical styles of Om fx Skole.


Tyrophex 14
TYROPHEX14 is Jonathan Sharp.

This is Tyrophex 14's third compilation appearance - others being on Hardware ( MCT ), Death Compilation ( Maschinenwelt ).

xszi ("zai") is the experimental side project of lx: the focus of xszi is total re-contextualization of simple, common, or well-known audio waveforms.

Despite the crunchy, distorted and shamelessly aggressive content of the track, 90% of the Feedback Loop composition "confinedToBlinders" was directly derived from a clean, three-second sample of Mozart's piano sonata in C Major by way of extreme digital transformations. The sample makes a cameo appearance towards the end of the track to further illustrate the counterpoint.

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