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The seething of synthetic aggressions, the siren song of a carnal existance, and the irresistable drive of the beat. This is AREA88, Industrial music exploring the darker side of Human nature.

Attentuated Euphoria

Founded in 1991, Attenuated Euphoria is still engaged in the active process of evolution and maturity. When m.c. Death, the mastermind behind Attenuated Euphoria , conceived the project during his undergraduate years at University of Oregon, he envisioned Attenuated Euphoria as being an "Industrial Dance-meets-Hip-Hop" project, along the lines of early Consolidated, Meat Beat Manifesto, and Nine Inch Nails. However, as time went on, Attenuated Euphoria absorbed additional inspiration from other genres of music and artists, both recent and old. Drawing influences from sources as diverse as Thine Eyes, Duran Duran, Pete Shelley, and many others, Attenuated Euphoria amalgamates the sonic menagerie of their influences and augments them with m.c. death's vitriolic and intensified text about a personal world of mayhem.

Cult of One

Cult of One started in the early summer of 1996, and became 'official' six months later. It is, however, the culmination of Terry Freeman's twenty year obsession with the sounds and textures which surround us all in daily life. A tapist by nature, he applies varying levels of processing to the sounds he harvests from his home and his city.

There is no 'grand philosophy' to his pieces, he merely takes what is familiar to him and turns it into a distorted analogy and a personal vision of the soundscape that is his life.


Fell.Head is a Portland, Oregon based electronic composer. Combining electronic textures and concrete sounds with Classical, Jazz, Punk and Industrial idioms, Fell.Head explores the realms of polyrhythms, microtonality and the experimental side of Industrial performance art.


Gasket started about nine years ago as the recorded ramblings of parties. This kind of instantaneous inspiration has held through time. One example being the song Home on the Resurgence compilation. The sequence was made in five minutes and their was no lyrics written down for the vocals. Consequently, the song that ended up on the compilation was the first take. Eventually Gasket will release its first demo, which is the collection of the last nine years of experimental noise and songs.


lxl is the solo musical project of lucian X. The underlying philosophy stems from an attempt to merge noise and beauty by way of electronics, and to formulate its own pulsating style amid the resultant chaos.

All material is generated, distorted, and otherwise digitally manipulated on a Pentium PC, utilizing self-written programs and a host of digital signal processing applications.

lxl is still a project in its infancy, but hopes to have a suitable amount of material for its first demo tape by mid-to-late 1998.


Nefarium is the current sonic project of a few creatures inspired by classic dark and electronic structures driven by images of divine beauty and the intense feelings associated with wanting to achieve more and a feeling of resignation to continue plodding day in night out through the swiftly passing flicker of consciousness in hopes of somehow attaining peaceful existence and not fall apart into the earth leaving no pattern of lasting enchantment except static dispersion of a very temporary yet somehow eternal form of frustration venting creativity which will someday succumb to the same forces and be discharged back into nonexistence.

Noxious Emotion

Noxious Emotion has an EBM sound to move your ass, as well as upbeat New-Wave rhythms overlaid with Medieval melodies and a mechanical undercurrent that gives this music a depth rarely found in the Industrial Dance style. Lyrically, also, the band set themselves apart. While many bands aim to shock, Noxious Emotion prefer to make you think by delving into their own personal feelings and pain for their lyrics. If you think Seattle is synonymous with grunge and guitars, Noxious Emotion will remind you that the Northwest is home to some of the finest and most innovative Industrial sounds around. The band's frequent performances locally and recent shows across the U.S. and Canada (including Alaska) have pulled ever growing crowds to their feet and out onto the dance floor.

Past tours have taken Noxious Emotion as far away as Anchorage AK, Philadelphia PA, Miami FL, Austin TX, and Sacramento CA with great success. There have also been a few nightmares on tour, having equipment stolen back in January on the road with SMP (fellow NEC brothers) on the "Data-Corruption '96" tour. Luckily both bands have bounced back in style after a few short months.

The NEC is a collective of bands, based in Seattle but encompassing groups from Portland to Achorage, who are striving to support and promote Industrial music throughout the Northwest, Noxious Emotion is proud to be a part of this endeavor.

Upcoming releases: Noxious Emotion has remixed the songs "Adhunik" and "To Dream Away" by Numantra, "Entity" by Project Pitchfork, and are working on several others at this time (SMP, Idiot Stare, and Red-7 to name a few). They have been diligently working on the next release entitled Symbols" which is slated for a mid '98 release date.


Even though February of '98 marks the mere first 365 days of OMNIbOX proper, there's more beneath the fresh gloss. The music has age, a vibe that goes beyond CD rack classification or web site biographies. Mike Lewis and Brandon Hutchinson generate headspin rhythms with jack hammer guitars and deep space synths. The OMNIbOX contribution to Resurgence, Hold, is a perfect example of the duo's ambient-aggro kick. It's a Molotov cocktail, think with holy white noise and a chorus that wakes you from your slumber hours after your first taste. So drink up, but don't get caught.


PEN-15, is an artistic embodiment of open minded experimentation. As Christ was to the cross, PEN-15 is to music, PEN-15 was erected in 1994 for composing audio projects and acquiring instruments. Sonically, visually, and internally executed PEN-15 is the final holding pen before the slaughter house, bloodstained floors and smile smeared faces. Now attempting to finish a collection of pieces.

Pet of the Future

Pet of the Future is the Portland-based solo project of electronic musician Greebo. Utilizing modern electronic music technology, Pet of the Future aims to engulf the listener in a world of vibrant atmosphere and dramatic intensity. Salamander, featured on Resurgence, marks the project's second official release. Salamander exhibits Greebo's efforts as a heavy-dance/industrial artist; recently, his sound has evolved into a harsher -- yet more melodic -- style of industrial. Pet of the Future's first demo CD should be available by the end of 1998.


The culmination of such diverse influences as The Beastie Boys, Pink Floyd, New Order, Danny Elfman, Mozart and Beethoven -- as well as several industrial music luminaries -- sexwithsarah has created their own unique style of ever-evolving hard-edged electronic music, layering intricate synths over deep percussive grooves and topping it all off with just the right amount of flawless, refined guitar. Percussionist Damon Law, bassist db and guitarist Legion erect a solidly emotive foundation on which frontman sinseven lays his impassioned vocals, ranging from sultry and seductive to aggressive and accusatory.


While SMP is in the process of soliciting labels for their upcoming CD Ultimatum, they have been working on a number of compilations. Born of Science will appear on the Resurgence CD by Doppler Effect. Fun & Games will appear on the Cyberbabies CD. Wet Wire will appear on The Glory of Destruction CD by Catastrophe records. Metro, a Berlin cover song, will appear on Nod's Tacklebox of Fun by Cargo/Reconstriction. An SMP remix of the Collide song Strange will appear on the Collide remix CD Distort by Cargo/Reconstriction. Finally an SMP remix of the Scar Tissue song Crashtime will be released by 21st Circuitry.


SpineFolder is the creative outlet for studio musician and sound designer Tim Ebling. Since 1993, the SpineFolder name has been associated with one full length CD, three compilation appearances, and soundtracks for two commercial computer games. Striving to find the perfect balance between dissonance and tonality, this project covers a wide range of styles within the electronic music genre, from ambient "space-music" epics to guitar-driven synthcore. Illartia (previously unreleased) was recorded during sessions that led to the creation of the full-length CD, The Desecration of the Firmament.


static. represents a new permutation in the realm of Industrial related music. Having coined themselves to be a multi-ethnic bio Industrial, static. induces a womb-like, opiated state with natural samples, before dropping the guillotine with their edge sound.

static. embraces the concept of synthesis between the analogue and the digital, the synthetic and the organic, a new level in the amalgamation of traditional instrumentation with digital textures, within the confines of a very song-oriented, pop format.

Alongside a hi-tech light show, static. delivers an intense physical performance and the ability to retain the quality of their music in any live enviroment.

Tension Factor

A collaborative effort between Cult of One, a lo-fi analog sound sculptor, and electronic composer Fell Head, Tension Factor was born in the summer of 1996 in a bar over mutual affection for martinis, HP Lovecraft and 4th dimensional math. Since then, the group has evolved from studio work to recorded and live performances celebrating extremes in sonic architecture.

Tension Factor uses improvisation, spoken word, audio samples, concrete and synthesized sounds, and a novel combination of both hi and lo-tech signal processing to achieve a unique and creative sonic landscape, spanning the emotional and aural spectrum.

Thine Eyes

Thine Eyes. A trio of goofs from Portland and Seattle with a taste for the funky, the stupid, and the brutal. Reared on Industrial and Goth, Rian Callahan, Laird Sheldahl and Tanner Volz mesh the dramatic melodics of their parent genre with jerky beats and a manic pop sensibility. Their debut US release, Christian Sex Loops will be available from Doppler Effect in early 1998, undoubtedly to a wave of critical confusion.

Tinty Music

Since 1987, Kevin J. O'Conner has been exploring the moods and textures of the psyche through his music and sound art project, Tinty Music. As the goals and working methods of Tinty Music have become more focused, the scope of the project has become much broader, while the sounds produced have become more personal and richer in meaning. Opacity Grid is both a recontextualization of a previous compilation track, Refraction Grid, and part of a new multi-media work in progress, The Inescapable Self, an ongoing examination through art of the true nature of the self.

Triple Point

Triple Point saw its origins in the mid to late 80s when Daniel Hinds and Vico grew up in a backwards southern Oregon town. Daniel's tastes were in the underground Metal scene while Vico focused on Alternative music back when there was such a thing. With time their musical visions fused and grew into what is now Triple Point.

Triple Point is a hybrid of musical styles ranging from EBM to Metal and Industrial to Gothic, always maintaining an electronic base. Daniel remains in charge of the music, while Vico tackles lyrics and vocals. No Ordinary Psychosis is an example where these duties have crossed over.

Up until now, Triple Point has recorded three demo tapes. They contributed a track, Lorrie Pours Out in the Rain, to the Undercurrent compilation and were most recently featured on Reconstriction's TV Terror comp Triple Point is currently compiling tracks for their debut CD.


viktim is an amalgamation of laconic thoughts and sonic accostment. There is a type of thought you cannot understand, and there is a type of thought you understand only through experience. It is my belief that the inflicted mind shall overpower the ignorant and philistine person only through collective action. That the unspoken barriers be dissolved definitively by all parties with a realized integrity, to triumph over those ignorant bodies; those bitter men without ears to hear; those ignorant women without minds to learn; those cruel "theys" without the patience for a blue empathy.


Rhythm. Form. Frequency. Disturbance. Chaos. Knowledge. Euphoria. Pain. Volition.

Volition began in the early 80's at the dawn of MIDI with primitive synthesis engines. Only recently changing the name from Euphonics, Volition has a goal to create a catharsis by synthesizing rhythms and harmonies. Mostly instrumental, the songs and styles have evolved from simple beats and off-the-wall sounds to Dance, Techno and Industrial creations intended not to be heard but to be listened to. The music has a heavy rhythmic texture formed by synthesizing samples and loops combined with sounds originating from both the analog and digital domains.

Each song is a monaural enthusiast's nightmare. Created with some of the latest digital audio, computer, and synthesizer software and hardware, Volition strives to create a stereo image laced with subliminal images of music. The challenge to the listener is to discover the subtle differences between each musical section.


Sometimes I'm Frightening. Sometimes I Scare Myself. Sometimes It Makes Me Cry.



Emerging from darkened depths. Underground. Ultramarine layers of dust. Old laws release death from exile. Revolution underground. Disgust takes many forms. Machines capsizing the mind, drunk on the elixir of absolution. A new vice born. The frenzied suns of kingdom's darkness, a vulgar demolition gang. Constructors of the ruins. Beyond understanding, we made ourselves. Receptacles of the echoes. Mere recording devices.

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