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FAQT: Issue 3

FAQT is a quarterly, forty page, pocket sized magazine which can be purchased for a mere $5 a year. Each issue tends to focus on a particular subsection of electronic music and this one featured a look into the history of Wax Trax! Records. It includes an interview with Dannie Flesher, the co-founder of the label, as well as My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult, Meat Beat anifesto, & Laibach. Also included are a label retrospective, album reviews written in a Haiku format, recommended web sites, a Zodiac spoof, and other similar nonsense. Overall, not bad for a paltry $1.25 an issue and it's free if you happen to live around York, PA.

P.O. BOX 685
York, PA 17405


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